We are a creatively-led independent graphic design and branding consultancy. Our main area of expertise is visual identity and branding and we pride ourselves on creating recognisable icons to identify our clients’ businesses, organisations and products. Our visual interpretations are always firmly embedded within a clear and concise brand language and character. We implement our creative and inspired solutions across websites, online media, print collateral and communication materials.

We are...


We endeavour to plan our projects meticulously. For a project to work effectively it has to be grounded with theory, logic and order. With these fundamentals carefully considered and put into place we then concentrate our efforts on bringing them to life through creativity, flair, craftsmanship and difference.


We have a passion for all things visual. We craft a conceptual idea to achieve the best possible aesthetic result. We bring theory to life and we tell stories through our work. We aim to make layman smile through the arrangement of typography, shapes and colour. It is as simple as that, yet its effectiveness is immeasurable.


As well as being partners in our own business, we also consider ourselves as a partner to our clients. We consult with our clients on every step of the journey on which we embark. When required, we collaborate with industry experts on specialist aspects of projects. We think the ultimate result of partnership is success for all involved.


We don’t stop until the job is finished, delivered, live, actioned or implemented. Even then we still don’t stop. We are never satisfied, we know we can always do better and improve as thought, perception and technology change and evolve. We strive for perfection and our clients are benefactors of our enthusiasm and work ethic.

Our approach...

Although no two projects are the same, and we consider each and every one on its individual character and purpose, we do believe that all merit a thorough and methodical approach – no matter how big or small the project may be. We follow the below process to ensure we always achieve the right result;




Our services...

    • Brand Identity
    • Logo Design
    • Logo Refinement
    • Logo Evolution
    • Icon Design
    • Brand Strategy
    • Brand Guidelines
    • Copyrighting
    • Content Generation
    • Stationery Design
    • Annual Reports
    • Brochure Design
    • Printed Collateral
    • Packaging Design
    • Poster Design
    • Signage and Wayfinding
    • Website Architecture
    • Website Design
    • Responsive Design
    • Content Management