7Ts is a strategic media consulting framework developed by ID Comms to substantially improve media performance for leading brands, with the ultimate aim of making their investments in media more powerful, profitable and accountable.

We were tasked with creating a brand identity for 7Ts to encapsulate it as a tangible, easy-to-understand proposition for marketing agents. The underlying theory is the sum of seven parts:Transparency; Training; Talent; Technology; Thinking; Terms; and, Trading. Individually, they each have their own specific merits, collaboratively they create a ‘spark’ of change. Each individual part has its own colour, which creates an eye-catching spectrum when brought together to form the icon. The colour palette plays a vital role throughout the application, helping to create a clear, concise and logical structure to all assets.

“We have worked with the Carabiner team since 2012 and they are consistently a great partner to work with. They listen carefully to our aims and requirements, and translate these into something clear, understandable and visually impactful. Their cohesive design work has certainly added significant value to our business. Would highly recommend.”

Tom Denford Chief Strategy Officer, ID Comms