Strategic and Visual Communication.

Carabiner Partners are a creatively-led independent graphic design and branding consultancy. We implement our expertise across all areas of offline and online communications. We work with clients from many diverse sectors, including finance, technology, media, sport and fashion.


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 Branding for Goodform
 Branding for Goodform
 Website wireframes #sketch
 Another brand carefully crafted, with collateral being prepared for industry launch at the end of June. Designed by Carabiner Partners.
 The icon for a new London residential property company. Launching soon. Designed by Carabiner
 Always on... Goodform office wall designs.
 A nice little logo to mark TK International's 20th anniversary
 Pixel maths! #websitedesign #layoutsketch
 We are working on some new icons for Smith & Williamson #iconography
 FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Identity for VIA, designed by Carabiner Partners, 2012